Crane Construction Augusta, GA

Crane Construction Equipment in Augusta, GA

Experience, speed, and safety are the keys to every heavy lift or hauling project. Sound planning and

engineering are fundamental to completing difficult lifts and hauling projects, and major reasons for Big

Dog Crane’s solid reputation throughout Augusta, GA. Here at Big Dog Crane, we offer the highest level of

service for all your construction, hauling, and lifting needs.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should choose our certified team for your next project:

• Top-notch safety program
• Regional or national equipment availability
• Free estimates
• Hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly crane rental rates

Mechanical Lifting Augusta, GA
Communications ➥

One of our less conspicuous but more necessary types of jobs

involves setting up the various components of cell towers,

billboards, aerial wiring equipment and cables, and general

commercial communications construction. If you are in need of

anything from crane or rigging work to setting the steel or any of

the other components, Big Dog Crane is here for you.

Crane Construction ➥

Rent our cranes for your toughest projects. We are often called

upon during the new construction phase of larger projects to

assist with the lifting and placement of generators, trusses,

commercial HVAC systems, concrete, and other typically used

building supplies. We are timely and will leave your construction

site in better condition than when we arrived.

Crane HVAC ➥

Our crane operators are highly skilled in the placement and

removal of heating and air conditioning units. Whatever the

terrain or the size or shape of the building, our licensed team can

get the job done. From apartment homes to high rises, if your

construction or maintenance needs require the installation or

removal of large units, our crane HVAC experts are equipped to

set up and navigate the job with speed and safety.

Mining ➥

We work closely with the construction aggregate industry,

providing preventive maintenance as well as new construction

and installations, both at the rock quarries and the concrete and

asphalt plant positioned at those quarries. This includes but is

not limited to rock crushers, storage facilities, and conveyance


Mechanical Lifting ➥

Our contracts of this nature are similar in scope to the HVAC

industry, but also include millwrights and machinery movers.

Often working at hospitals, schools, and public facilities, we focus

on removal, replacement, or installation of MRIs to a variety of

industrial equipment being placed into or removed from the

inside of a warehouse or factory.

Industrial ➥

Our operators perform a wide variety of tasks at a number of

facilities, including but not limited to paper mills, chemical plants,

food processing facilities, agriculture facilities, and mining

facilities. Quite often we assist with the installation of tanks,

conveyance systems, underground utilities, and aboveground

storage systems, to name a few.

Demolition ➥

We have the ability to remove those high or hard-to-reach places.

We can also remove the rubble with our disposal services. If you

have a site that needs to be cleared in a hurry, we are up for the

challenge here at Big Dog Crane.

Entertainment ➥

Our operators really enjoy this type of work, as it allows us a

behind-the-scenes preview of well-known movies and events. Let

us help you move those gigantic props and put those cars on the

roof of your house.

Steel Erection ➥

Our team can assist with the erection of steel structures during

the new construction phase and the dismantling of old

structures.Our cranes and operators also assist in setting steel

columns, beams/girders, and decking.

Lot Clearing  ➥

Lot clearing, grading, and disposal: we can assist with it all. When

we are finished with the job, you won’t even know we were there